Raising kids isn’t for the faint of heart. When you’re not worried about some lingering cough, you’re trying to figure out what caused that brand-new dent in the drywall. Kids are constantly exploring; unfortunately, that can mean you’re on the line with the doctor more than you’d like. With so much potential chaos, it helps to have a pediatrician you trust who can help you through both the quiet and the storms. I work with many families around Georgia, so I get to hear many of their recommendations. If you’re looking for fantastic Marietta pediatricians, here are some of my client’s favorites. 

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4 Marietta Pediatricians Your Children Will Look Forward To Seeing

Cobb Pediatrics 

Cobb Pediatrics has been a top pediatric clinic in Marietta for over 35 years. The office features six expert pediatricians ready to tackle a host of healthcare woes. The office will have the answers you need, from regular well-child visits to behavioral assessments. 

Along with their sick visits, Cobb Pediatrics offers telehealth appointments so your child can get help without leaving the house. They also provide complimentary prenatal consults to ensure they’re a good match for when your little one arrives.

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Sun Pediatrics

Sun Pediatrics is an office run by two different pediatricians, each with over twenty years of experience. The doctors operate out of three locations, including one in Marietta. The office believes in establishing collaborative care with the parents. 

They’ll give you the necessary information and work with you to ensure you have the knowledge to help your child. Their compassionate care covers a wide range of specialties. You’ll love the open communication and unlimited resources the office provides!

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Sandy Plains Pediatrics

Sandy Plains Pediatrics is a small practice that strives to develop relationships with all families so they can give the best personalized care. The office has two pediatricians and a nurse practitioner who work carefully together to provide consistent assistance no matter which doctor you see. 

On top of their quality healthcare, they provide psychiatric care. The doctor and two PMHNPs will be there to address a number of mental and behavioral disorders, so your child can receive the support they need.

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Cumberland Pediatrics

Cumberland Pediatrics was founded in 1991 to provide professional care to Marietta residents. The office features three pediatricians as well as four certified nurse practitioners. Families can receive bilingual care that covers a number of different healthcare concerns. 

The office ensures parents have the resources to provide their children with the best care. They also offer virtual visits so last-minute emergencies can be addressed from the comfort of your own home. 

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Marietta Pediatricians

If you’re trying to find a pediatrician in Marietta, I just know you’re going to adore any of these pediatricians. With quality treatment delivered by experts, your family will have healthcare you can trust from these Marietta pediatricians

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