Giving birth is a momentous occasion – an experience you’ll never forget. From pregnancy to labor and delivery to caring for your newborn, women and infants deserve the best possible care during pregnancy and beyond. Northside Maternity provides comforting, excellent care for mothers-to-be in several locations in Georgia. Northside Maternity is the leader in community hospital maternity services, with access to expert staff and state-of-the-art resources, able to provide women with services from conception, to delivery, to caring for their newborn. 

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About Northside Maternity

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Thankfully, Northside Maternity provides parents with a number of resources online. You can find pre-admission packets, birth plan guides, booklets on breastfeeding, and an e-book full of pregnancy and postpartum information. 

Northside Maternity patients can also access Northside’s Baby Bump app, where you can find tools to assist in all stages of pregnancy and beyond. The app contains information on childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care and also has a contraction timer, kick counter, feeding journal, and diaper log – everything you’ll need after you give birth to your little one. 

Northside Maternity at Northside Hospitals has locations in Atlanta, Cherokee, Forsyth, and Gwinnett. These locations offer prenatal classes, virtual hospital tours, and in-hospital pediatric care after delivery. 


Northside Maternity patients have access to childbirth classes and education, both in-person and online. Whether you opt for group classes or check out Northside’s online maternity education videos, there are plenty of ways to learn all about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and infant care. 

Topics include:

  • Baby essentials
  • Baby essentials (multiples)
  • Baby sign language
  • Daddy boot camp 
  • Mommy boot camp 
  • Breastfeeding
  • Childbirth preparation 
  • Infant CPR
  • Infant/child CPR

Most classes are between $40 and $50, and some are even available for free in an online format, so you can attend right from the comfort of your own home! Classes are 2-3 hours long and require registration prior to attending. 

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Northside Maternity has many online educational videos on topics such as prenatal care, what to expect during labor and delivery, and health and safety tips for newborns. Videos are available in both English and Spanish. Patients can also access The Newborn Channel from The Wellness Network, perfect for learning about infant care, breastfeeding, car seat safety, newborn development, and immunizations. 

Lactation Support

Northside Maternity’s Lactation Program is one of the best in the country. Northside Hospital seeks to assist and support mothers in their breastfeeding journey through a comprehensive resource network. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently advises that babies are exclusively breastfed for at least the first six months, and Northside Hospital has a variety of resources to assist mothers in reaching that goal. 

Lactation support is available to all Northside Maternity patients. The early days of breastfeeding can be tricky, and Northside staff are there to help! From lactation services in the hospital after birth to phone appointments with certified lactation consultants, there are many ways for mothers to find breastfeeding assistance. 

The Lactation Club (TLC) is a weekly support group that meets every Monday at the Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion. This breastfeeding support network is a place for women to talk with other moms about the successes and struggles of their breastfeeding journey. 

Photo by Katrina Poggio Photography.

Support Groups

At Northside Maternity, mothers are supported long after pregnancy. There are several support groups that meet periodically at the different Northside locations, including The Lactation Club, Making the Most of Motherhood, Special Care Nursery, and H.E.A.R.T. strings Perinatal Bereavement. 

The Lactation Club is a free, in-person support group that meets on Mondays at 11am at the Gwinnett campus. Making the Most of Motherhood is a free virtual support group for mothers with babies aged 0-6 months. This group is led by licensed clinicians and is a welcoming place for mothers to come support one another as they adjust to parenthood. The Special Care Nursery group is a place for parents with infants in the NICU to meet for weekly support. H.E.A.R.T.strings is a group of seven different resources for parents dealing with pregnancy and infant loss. 


You can take a virtual tour of several of Northside Maternity’s locations. Tours of the Atlanta Women’s Center, Cherokee Women’s Center, Forsyth Women’s Center, and Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion are available! Virtual tours include information on where to park, admissions, labor and delivery suites, childbirth education options, support for you and your labor partner, newborn assessments, lactation services, and the mother-infant units. 

Northside Maternity

Northside Maternity is there to support you in every stage of your pregnancy and parenthood journey. From virtual hospital tours to online and in-person support groups, there are many ways for mothers to educate themselves on everything to do with pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and beyond. 

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