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For those special moments in life that deserve to be documented, a portrait session is a must!

All packages include outfit guidance and location planning, online photo gallery delivery, and optional professional quality print products.

$500 | 1 hOUR

portrait sessions

newborn, engagements, family, grads... and everything in between

capture memories
you'll cherish forever

The Portrait

Portrait photo sessions aren't just about capturing a moment; they're about immortalizing who you are in that moment. Think about it—years down the line, you'll look back at those photos and remember exactly how you felt, what you were going through, and who you were with. That's the magic of portraits. They freeze time, allowing you to hold onto those precious memories forever. Plus, they're an opportunity to showcase your personality, style, and individuality. Whether it's a solo shoot celebrating your accomplishments, a couple's session capturing your love story, or a family portrait marking the passage of time, these sessions are like little time capsules you can revisit whenever you want. And let's not forget—they're fun! It's a chance to pamper yourself, dress up, and feel like a star for a day.

So, why should you do a portrait photo session? Because life's moments are worth remembering, and portraits help you do just that.


Expecting a baby? My Grow With Me package is perfect for documenting every milestone throughout the journey from maternity photos to baby's first birthday.

Grow with me

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interested in a studio session?

Choosing a natural light studio for your portrait sessions is like tapping into the perfect blend of ease and beauty. Think about it: you get this soft, flattering glow that just makes everyone look amazing. No harsh shadows, just pure, natural radiance enhancing your subject's features. It's like having your own personal sunlight, but without any unpredictable weather. Plus, there's something about being in a studio that puts everyone at ease. It's like a cozy little bubble where you can focus solely on capturing those genuine, relaxed moments. So, if you're after portraits that are as stunning as they are effortless, a natural light studio is where it's at.

natural light studio to elevate your photos


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